Living in the sun-soaked lands of Florida, our air conditioning systems are nothing short of lifesavers. They transform our homes from blazing hotboxes to cool havens of relaxation. But what if, one day, you find your home feeling more like a winter wonderland than a refreshing escape from the summer heat? You’ve set the thermostat to a comfy 75°F, but the AC just won’t quit, and your indoor thermometer is showing a chilly 68°F. Before you bundle up in a sweater, let’s dive deep into why this might be happening.

1. The Thermostat Misstep Sometimes, the issue might just be with the thermostat itself. Perhaps it’s:

      Miscommunicating: Occasionally, the thermostat might not relay the right signals to the AC unit, making the unit think it hasn’t achieved the set temperature.
      Misplaced: If your thermostat is placed near heat sources like windows or electronics, it may be misreading the actual temperature.
      Miscalibrated: Over time and with wear and tear, thermostats can drift from their calibrated settings, leading to temperature discrepancies.

2. AC’s Internal Challenges Your air conditioner might be facing some internal dilemmas that cause it to run incessantly. Here’s what could be happening inside:

      Frozen Evaporator Coils: If the coils inside your AC freeze, the system can’t absorb heat effectively, leading it to run without achieving the desired cooling.
      Low Refrigerant Levels: Refrigerants are what make the cooling happen. If levels are low due to leaks or other issues, the AC might keep running, trying to reach the set temperature without success.

3. Outside Factors Play a Role Too It’s not just the internals of your HVAC system or the thermostat settings that play a role. External factors can influence the situation as well:

      Extreme External Temperatures: During particularly hot days, your home might be gaining heat faster than the AC can remove it.
      Poor Insulation: If your home isn’t well-insulated, cold air might be escaping faster than your AC can produce it.

4. System Age and Maintenance An older system might not be as efficient as when it was brand new. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring that all components are working as they should. If your AC hasn’t been serviced in a while, it might be overcompensating for underlying issues.

Concluding Thoughts When your AC seems to be in overdrive, and you’re feeling the freeze, it’s a sign that something isn’t syncing up. Whether it’s the thermostat or the unit itself, a thorough check can help pinpoint the issue. And remember, for all your HVAC needs, concerns, and questions, the experts at AirNow Air Conditioning are always here to help. Stay cool, Sarasota! But, you know, not too cool.

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