When the Florida heat kicks in (as it so often does), we all become a little obsessed with our air conditioners, right? One question we often get here at AirNow Air Conditioning is, “Should I always have the fan running on my air conditioner?” Let’s dive right into it!

Consistency vs. Cycles
Running your AC fan continuously might seem like a good way to circulate cool air non-stop. In theory, it’s consistent. But is it the best option? Not necessarily.

1. Energy Consumption.
Continuous fan operation means your energy bill will rise. Fans aren’t free to operate. If you’re looking to save a bit on electricity, consider cycling your fan with your cooling cycles.

2. Filter Life.
The more you run your fan, the quicker your filters will fill up. This means more frequent replacements, which adds up over time.

3. Wear and Tear.
Like all things mechanical, constant operation can lead to faster wear and tear. Giving your fan some downtime might help it last longer.

But Wait, Are There Benefits?
Yes, there are!

1. Improved Air Circulation.
Keeping your fan on can help ensure more consistent air distribution. This is especially helpful if certain rooms in your home have the tendency to feel hotter than others.

2. Better Air Filtration.
With the fan running, your home’s air continually passes through the filter, potentially leading to a reduction in indoor air pollutants.

3. Humidity Control.
In damp areas, a running fan can assist in keeping moisture at bay, reducing that sticky feeling we all know too well.

The Verdict?
It’s about balance. If you enjoy the benefits of continuous circulation and don’t mind the slight increase in energy cost, running your fan constantly is an option. However, if you’re more energy-conscious and looking to reduce wear on your system, cycling the fan with your cooling system might be the way to go.

Every home and homeowner has unique needs. And while we can provide all the information, the best decisions come from understanding those unique needs. If ever in doubt, remember, AirNow Air Conditioning is always here to guide you. After all, we Floridians need to stick together, especially when the heatwaves roll in!

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