It’s a truth universally acknowledged in Florida: while the rest of the country revels in crisp fall breezes, we’re still cranking up our air conditioning on Halloween night. Why? Because the spooky season here is also a sweaty one. But did you ever hear the legend of the haunted AC on Hollow Street? Grab a chilled beverage, sit back, and let’s dive into this chilling (and slightly chilled) tale.

In the heart of Sarasota stood a stately home, known to all as “The Fridge” – not because of its white, boxy appearance, but because it was the only house on the block that was always cold. Its AC unit hummed day and night, regardless of the weather. The neighborhood kids claimed they could feel its icy drafts from the sidewalk.

Mr. Jenkins, a sprightly octogenarian with a penchant for tropical shirts, owned the house. Rumor had it he loved his AC more than anything, often telling neighbors, “My AC doesn’t just beat the heat; it scares it away!”

One fateful Halloween, a group of brave teens dared each other to enter Mr. Jenkins’s house, hoping to discover the secret of the always-on AC. Sneaking in, they were met with a sight they hadn’t expected: Mr. Jenkins, hosting a party for a group of…ghosts! These weren’t the terrifying kind, but sweaty specters, fanning themselves with their ethereal hands.

“Ah, young folks!” exclaimed Mr. Jenkins, spotting the intruders. “Meet my friends! They’ve come from all over Florida because they heard about my legendary AC. Ghosts, you see, don’t like the heat any more than we do. My AC provides them relief!”

The teens gawked as one translucent figure nodded, adding, “Yeah, hauntings are sweaty work! This place is like a spa for us.”

The teens left the house that night with an unforgettable Halloween story. They hadn’t encountered ghouls or goblins, but they had learned the true power of a top-tier AC system – keeping not just the living, but also the afterliving, cool and comfortable.


While we can’t guarantee your AC will attract otherworldly visitors this Halloween, we at AirNow can ensure it works so well you’d think it’s magic. Remember, a well-functioning AC is not just a treat for you, but for all those ‘hot and bothered’ ghosts out there too. Happy Halloween, Sarasota! Stay cool and carry on haunting! Happy Halloween from your friends at AirNow!

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