In the heart of Florida, where the sun reigns supreme and the palm trees sway, we also find ourselves at the mercy of Mother Nature’s more tempestuous moods. Here at AirNow, situated in beautiful Sarasota, we know all too well that with the splendor of our tropical climate comes the challenge of protecting our homes – and particularly our air conditioning systems – from the fierce storms and hurricanes that visit us. As much as we enjoy the sunshine, being prepared for extreme weather is a crucial part of life here. Protecting your AC system during these times is not just about ensuring comfort; it’s about safeguarding a vital component of your home.

Essential Tips For Protecting Your AC System

1. Regular Maintenance Checks

  • Pre-Storm Inspections: Ensure your AC system is in top condition before storm season hits. Regular maintenance can identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Post-Storm Assessments: After a storm, have a professional inspect your system for any damage that may have occurred.

2. Secure Outdoor Units

  • Anchor and Cover: Secure your outdoor AC unit with hurricane straps to keep it anchored during strong winds. Using a protective cover can also shield it from flying debris.
  • Elevate If Possible: If you live in a flood-prone area, consider elevating your outdoor unit to protect it from flood damage.

3. Turn Off the Power When Necessary

  • Pre-Storm Precautions: If a severe storm or hurricane is imminent, turn off your AC system to prevent electrical surges from damaging it.
  • Power Surge Protection: Investing in a high-quality surge protector for your AC system can save it from unpredictable power spikes.

4. Clear Debris Around the Unit

  • Regular Cleaning: Keep the area around your outdoor unit clear of debris, leaves, and branches. This not only ensures proper airflow but also reduces the risk of debris damaging the unit during a storm.
  • Post-Storm Clean-up: After the storm, clear any debris that has accumulated around the unit before turning it back on.

5. Consider Installing a Protective Barrier

  • Wind and Debris Shields: In areas prone to intense storms, installing a protective barrier around your outdoor unit can provide additional defense against high winds and flying debris.

6. Invest in a Backup Generator

  • Stay Prepared: In case of power outages, having a backup generator can keep your AC system running, ensuring continuous comfort and preventing humidity-related issues in your home.

Partner With AirNow For Year-Round Protection

At AirNow, we’re not just about keeping you cool; we’re about keeping you safe. We understand the unique challenges Florida weather presents and are committed to helping you protect your AC system through every season. Our team of experts is always on hand to provide tailored advice, from routine maintenance to storm-proofing solutions.

As residents of this sun-kissed state, we know that the weather is as much a part of our lifestyle as the beaches and the sunsets. Being prepared for the extremes is not just wise; it’s essential. With the right precautions, your AC system can weather any storm, keeping you cool and comfortable no matter what the skies bring. Remember, when it comes to extreme weather, it’s not just about riding out the storm; it’s about emerging from it with your home and comfort intact. Contact AirNow today for more tips and services to protect your AC system during Florida’s storm season. Let’s face the weather together, prepared and protected.

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