Hello, dear Floridians! As the mercury rises in our beloved Sunshine State, your air conditioner becomes your best friend. But did you know there’s a protective shield that comes with your cooling companion? It’s called a warranty. Let’s chat about how you can keep that warranty intact so you and your AC can enjoy many more summers together!

1. Register Your Unit Promptly.
First things first! Once your AC is installed, ensure you register it with the manufacturer. It’s a small step that holds significant importance.

2. Schedule Regular Professional Maintenance.
Think of this as a spa day for your AC. It deserves some pampering, especially with all the hard work it puts in. Routine check-ups by professionals, like our seasoned team at AirNow Air Conditioning, ensure its peak performance and longevity.

3. Use Only Authorized Parts and Services.
Tempted by that off-brand replacement part? Think twice. Using non-authorized parts or services can risk your warranty’s validity. Stick to the recommended list.

4. Keep Records.
Whether it’s an installation certificate, maintenance visits, or part replacements, document everything. Being organized will save you in a warranty dispute.

5. Avoid DIY Fixes.
We admire the DIY spirit, truly! But with your AC, sometimes it’s best to leave things to professionals. You wouldn’t want an accidental misstep to render your warranty void.

6. Ensure Proper Installation.
It all starts here. A proper foundation ensures a longer lifespan for your AC. Always choose reputable and authorized installers. A well-installed system is less prone to issues down the line.

7. Don’t Overwork Your AC.
Yes, Florida is hot. But constantly pushing your AC to its maximum can wear it out. Use blinds or curtains to keep the sun at bay and give your unit a little breathing room.

8. Mind Power Surges.
Florida is no stranger to thunderstorms. Consider a surge protector to safeguard your AC from those unpredictable power spikes.

There you have it! By giving your air conditioner the love and care it deserves, you not only ensure it serves you faithfully during those sultry Florida summers but also protect that precious warranty. And remember, if you have any concerns or questions about your AC’s wellbeing, AirNow Air Conditioning is just a click away, always ready to help. Stay cool and protected, friends!

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