If you’re a pet owner, you know that your furry friend is more than just an animal; they’re a member of your family. And like any member of your family, you want to make sure they’re comfortable and happy, especially when it comes to the temperature in your home. So, let’s take a look at some HVAC tips for pet owners that will help keep your furry friend from shedding their fur in frustration.

1. Give Your Pet a FAN-tastic Experience
When it comes to keeping your pet cool during the summer, fans are a great option. But not just any fan will do. Look for fans that are safe for pets and have a stable base so they won’t fall over if your pet decides to give it a paw. If you have a cat, be sure to place the fan out of reach so they don’t decide to use it as a launching pad for their next aerial attack.

2. Change Your Filters Furquently
Pets can shed a lot, and their hair can clog up your HVAC system’s air filter quickly. To prevent your HVAC system from getting bogged down, it’s essential to change your filters frequently. Depending on the type of filter you use, you may need to change it every one to three months. If you wait too long to change the filter, you may end up with a fur-blowing HVAC system that’s not so cool.

3. Mind Your Pet’s Pawsitions
When it comes to where your pet likes to hang out in your home, consider their pawsitions. If your pet likes to lie on the floor, make sure your air vents aren’t blocked by furniture. If your pet prefers to perch on furniture, be sure that the furniture is not blocking the air vents. This will help ensure that the cool air is circulating freely throughout your home and keeping your pet comfortable.

4. Get Smart with Your Thermostat
Smart thermostats are a great investment for pet owners. They allow you to adjust the temperature remotely, so if you’re away from home and your pet is feeling too hot or too cold, you can adjust the temperature with a few taps on your smartphone. Plus, many smart thermostats can learn your pet’s routine and adjust the temperature accordingly, so your pet always feels comfortable.

5. Call in the Pros
If your HVAC system is not working properly, it’s best to call in the professionals. A malfunctioning HVAC system can cause your pet to overheat or be too cold, and that’s just not fun for anyone. So, if you notice that your HVAC system is making strange noises or is not cooling or heating your home properly, give your local HVAC technician a call.

With these HVAC tips for pet owners, you can keep your furry friend cool and comfortable all year round. And remember, a happy pet is a happy home!

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