Ah, the joys of living in sunny Florida! While the beaches and balmy weather are nothing short of paradise, they do often come with a not-so-enjoyable uptick in our energy bills. In a state where we worship our air conditioners, finding ways to trim down that monthly bill is always on our minds. Thankfully, we’re in the digital age, and there are a plethora of savvy applications designed specifically to help homeowners like you make energy-efficient decisions. Let’s dive into five game-changing apps that can keep your home cool without burning a hole in your pocket:

      1. Nest Mobile: Connected to the renowned Nest Thermostat, this app allows users to remotely control their home’s temperature. By learning your daily routines, it auto-adjusts and ensures energy is not wasted when you’re out and about.
      2. MyEnergy: Curious about how your energy consumption compares with neighbors? MyEnergy is here to help. By collating data from your utility provider, it gives you a comprehensive view of your usage patterns, offering insights and tips on where and how you can save.
      3. EnergyHub: EnergyHub is a gem for those wanting to have an integrated energy management system. Connecting to various smart devices in your home, it provides a centralized platform where you can efficiently monitor and control energy usage.
      4. Kill-Ur-Watts: Initially designed for the Department of Energy’s Apps for Energy challenge, Kill-Ur-Watts provides a straightforward, user-friendly platform to track your electricity usage. With its historical data and trend tracking, you can pinpoint energy spikes and strategize on efficiency.
      5. HomeSelfe: Beyond just tracking, HomeSelfe actually evaluates your home’s energy efficiency. After a quick questionnaire about your home’s features, it provides actionable insights and recommendations for improvements, potentially leading to significant savings.

Incorporating these apps into your daily life can help you navigate the warmest Floridian days while staying cool, both physically and mentally, knowing that you’re making eco-friendly and wallet-friendly choices. So why not give them a whirl? Your bank account and your comfortably cool living room will thank you!

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