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The AirNow Assurance Maintenance Plan

The Assurance Maintenance Program offers three levels of care for home air conditioning maintenance, providing comprehensive benefits and ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your AC unit. Let’s explore what’s included in each plan with an authoritative tone, conveying increased perplexity and burstiness.

The Assurance Maintenance Program offers three tiers of care to address your home air conditioning needs while keeping costs affordable. By enrolling in this program, you gain access to a range of benefits and services designed to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your AC system.

Assurance Lite: The Assurance Lite plan encompasses various benefits to enhance the performance and durability of your air conditioning unit. For a low monthly fee, you receive the following:

  • A remarkable feature of the Assurance Lite plan is the $0 Dispatch Fee from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, allowing you to have your AC serviced promptly without incurring any additional charges.
  • You also enjoy a generous 20% discount on repairs, making any necessary fixes more affordable.
  • A $100 credit towards a new AC unit is provided annually for as long as you remain enrolled in the program.
  • To maintain optimal performance, you receive one annual tune-up, ensuring that your AC is operating at peak efficiency.
  • For your peace of mind, a one-year parts warranty is included to cover any potential malfunctions or defects.
  • The Assurance Lite plan also offers a clean coil guarantee, which ensures that the coils in your AC unit remain free from dirt and debris, contributing to better performance and energy efficiency.
  • Additionally, the plan provides 30-day drain line coverage to address any potential issues related to condensate drainage.

Assurance: The Assurance plan goes beyond the Lite plan, offering an elevated level of care and priority service to meet your air conditioning needs. In addition to the benefits provided in the Assurance Lite plan, the Assurance plan includes:

  • Front-of-the-line dispatching, ensuring that your service requests receive expedited attention and prompt resolution.
  • A 24-hour response time guarantees a swift and efficient response to any AC-related concerns.
  • Similar to the Assurance Lite plan, the Assurance plan offers a $0 Dispatch Fee from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, saving you from any additional charges during regular business hours.
  • You continue to benefit from a 20% discount on repairs, minimizing the financial impact of any necessary fixes.
  • A $100 credit towards a new AC unit is provided annually for as long as you remain enrolled in the program.
  • To maintain optimal performance and minimize the risk of malfunctions, the Assurance plan includes two annual tune-ups, ensuring that your AC receives thorough and regular maintenance.
  • A one-year parts warranty is provided to address any potential defects or issues with your AC system.
  • The clean coil guarantee remains a part of the Assurance plan, offering protection against dirt and debris accumulation.
  • Additionally, 30-day drain line coverage is included, addressing any potential drainage-related concerns.

Assurance Plus: The Assurance Plus plan represents the highest level of care within the Assurance Maintenance Program, offering an extensive range of benefits to ensure your utmost satisfaction and convenience. In addition to the features provided in the Assurance plan, the Assurance Plus plan includes:

  • Front-of-the-line dispatching, providing you with immediate attention and service prioritization.
  • An impressive 12-hour response time, guaranteeing that within 4 hours of booking between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, a technician will be at your doorstep.
  • The $0 Dispatch Fee from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm is maintained, ensuring no additional charges during these hours.
  • The 20% discount on repairs is continued, allowing you to save on any necessary fixes.
  • A $100 credit towards a new AC unit is provided annually for as long as you remain enrolled in the program.
  • To ensure optimal performance, the Assurance Plus plan provides two annual tune-ups, allowing for comprehensive maintenance and enhanced efficiency.
  • The one-year parts warranty remains intact, ensuring peace of mind regarding potential malfunctions.
  • The clean coil guarantee is included, preventing dirt and debris from compromising the performance of your AC system.
  • An extended 90-day drain line coverage provides additional protection and assistance for any drain line-related issues.
  • For added benefits, the Assurance Plus plan offers time-released drain pan treatment, enhancing the overall functionality and durability of your AC unit.
  • If your AC unit was installed by the service provider, the Assurance Plus plan includes lifetime 4″ filters, ensuring continuous high-quality air filtration and system efficiency.

Benefits: Enrolling in the Assurance Maintenance Program provides numerous benefits, ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and peace of mind:

  • Lower utility bills: By maintaining your AC unit regularly, you can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower your utility bills.
  • Extended equipment life: Regular maintenance and care help prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system, saving you from costly replacements.
  • Fewer repairs: Through comprehensive maintenance, potential issues can be identified and addressed proactively, reducing the need for costly repairs.
  • Improved capacity: Regular tune-ups and cleaning enhance the efficiency and capacity of your AC unit, ensuring it performs optimally.
  • One-day replacement: In the event that a replacement becomes necessary, the Assurance Maintenance Program guarantees a one-day turnaround time, minimizing inconvenience.
  • Inflation protection: By enrolling in the program, you are protected from price increases for the duration of your membership.
  • Agreements are transferable: If you move, the Assurance Maintenance Program allows you to transfer the benefits to the new homeowner, providing them with the same peace of mind and care.
  • Improved safety: Regular maintenance ensures that your AC system operates safely, reducing the risk of malfunctions and potential hazards.

The Assurance Maintenance Program offers three comprehensive plans: Assurance Lite, Assurance, and Assurance Plus. Each plan provides various benefits, including priority service, tune-ups, parts warranty, discounts on repairs, and credits towards new AC units. These plans not only contribute to lower utility bills, extended equipment life, and improved capacity but also provide benefits such as one-day replacement, inflation protection, transferable agreements, and enhanced safety. By enrolling in the Assurance Maintenance Program, you can ensure the long-term performance and reliability of your home air conditioning system, all while enjoying the convenience and peace of mind that come with comprehensive care and support. Click here to download more plan information.

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