Ductless Mini Split Services in Sarasota

Dependable ductless mini split services in Sarasota.

A variety of AC units and services are available on the market, some that have been consistently growing in popularity are our ductless mini split services. Let’s face it, down here in Sarasota, FL cool air is a necessity and not a luxury. On the hottest summer days, a functioning AC unit is a must. The only question left is whether or not our ductless mini split service is best suited to your budget and needs?

Luckily for you, Air Now conducts both ductless mini split air conditioner installation, maintenance and repair. If this is the type of AC unit you’ve been keen on acquiring, we’re happy to offer our services.

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What Are Ductless Mini Split AC Systems?

You may have heard about ductless mini split AC systems but are still wondering exactly what they are and how they can benefit you. A ductless mini split system is a modern cooling and heating system that can help save you money, as well as give you complete power over your indoor comfort. These systems are small and take up very little space so they are a great option for homeowners who need additional floor space.

Ductless mini splits are usually installed into a wall using a small hole. For our ductless services, the process is much shorter than that of a traditional AC unit. Once installed, you’ll be able to use your new system immediately.

One of the biggest draws of these systems is their efficiency and the ability to create customizable cooling zones in each room in your home. This saves money as you can choose which rooms to keep very cool and which to have only on a low setting. It also allows for greater control over your indoor comfort as each room can be set to a unique temperature. If you’re interested in learning more about our ductless services, give our experts a call!

Why Install a Ductless Air Conditioner?

As the name implies, ductless mini split air conditioners don’t use any of your existing ductwork. Despite this, it offers more versatility than a whole-house air system or portable window unit. Ductless AC systems allow you to control the cooling of individual rooms. People who are occupying a room can adjust the temperature as they see fit. Rooms that aren’t in use and therefore don’t require air conditioning won’t get any. No energy dedicated toward running the AC goes to waste, and everybody can get the temperature they desire.

Leave Mini Split AC Servicing to the Professionals

While it might seem like a tempting do-it-yourself project, installing a ductless air conditioner oftentimes isn’t the case. Ductless mini split units are complicated pieces of technology and proper installation requires precision. Without the training and expertise necessary to install a ductless mini split AC system, too many things can go wrong. Please consider hiring a technician to make sure everything is put in the right place and right order while ensuring the system operates smoothly. Don’t let anything prevent you and your family from staying cool all year long.

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Dependable Ductless Services You Can Rely On

Providing expert, eco-friendly ductless services at a great value is key to our business model. Here at Air Now we’re proud to be upfront with our customers. We value the bond we’ve built with homeowners in and around Sarasota since 1946.

Our most important priority and goal is to be there whenever you need us the most. Take comfort in knowing that we offer same-day service, and will be at your disposal with 24/7 cooling services, 365 days out of the year. If you need service on your ductless AC system, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Homeowners in the Sarasota, FL area count on us for all their ductless mini split AC system needs. Stay cool all year long - call us at (941) 739-1511 for exceptional service at a fair price.