Ah, summer in Florida! While those golden rays and beach outings paint a picture of paradise, there’s no denying that the heat can sometimes get unbearable, especially indoors. But guess what? Keeping your home cooler this summer doesn’t require a magic trick. Just a few simple tweaks can make a world of difference. And who better to share these tips with you than the experts from AirNow Air Conditioning, Sarasota’s go-to HVAC company? So let’s dive right in.

      1. Program Your Thermostat: Embrace the beauty of technology. By setting your thermostat to rise when you’re out and cool down before you get home, you not only enjoy the comfort but also save on energy costs.
      2. Set Your Home Temperature for Summer Vacation: Going away for a few days? Ensure you set your thermostat to a higher setting so your AC isn’t working overtime when nobody’s home.
      3. Keep Your HVAC System Clean and Working Properly: A well-maintained system is the heart of a cool home. Regular cleaning and check-ups are crucial to ensure efficiency. AirNow Air Conditioning‘s N.A.T.E. certified technicians are ever-ready to help you keep your system in prime condition.
      4. Keep Doors and Vents Open: While it might sound counterintuitive, keeping interior doors and vents open helps in maintaining an even and efficient circulation of cool air throughout the house.
      5. Close Your Blinds During the Day: Simple, yet so effective. Shutting your blinds can block out the sun’s hot rays, making rooms cooler.
      6. Adjust Your Ceiling Fans: Did you know? Ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise in the summer. This pushes the cool air down, ensuring more effective cooling.
      7. Change Your Lightbulbs: Old incandescent bulbs can give off a lot of heat. Switch to LED or CFL bulbs. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they also keep your home cooler.

Stay cool and comfortable this summer! Remember, the key is consistent maintenance and being proactive. Should you need professional air conditioning services, remember that AirNow Air Conditioning is just a call away. Cheers to a cooler summer!

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