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Winter is one of the much-awaited seasons of the year in the Lakewood Ranch area as it is the best time to enjoy the company of family and friends. But, the cold weather can be a problem for those who do not have a properly working heating system at home.

No need to worry because AirNow can fix your unit quickly without too much hassle. We have been in the business for years, and our experience has taught us to be the best at what we do.

Best Heating Maintenance in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Top-Notch Heating Maintenance in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Like air conditioners, heating equipment is an intricate system with many parts you can think of. And when it suddenly stops working in the middle of winter, it is not just an old thermostat battery. Perhaps, the filter is full of dirt, or the pilot light is out.

Either way, AirNow will know what to do. We will inspect your unit thoroughly to identify the root cause of the problem and create heating maintenance in Lakewood Ranch, FL catered to your needs.

Common Signs Your Heating System Requires Immediate Care and Attention

Just because your furnace is not working, it does not necessarily mean that it needs a replacement. In some cases, all it requires is proper maintenance and troubleshooting to get it going again. But, how do you know when it is time to call a professional?

Here are some signs to watch out for:

Excess Dirt and Dust Near the Vents

Before warm air is distributed throughout your home, it does not just pass through the furnace filter. The filter also cleans the air, causing it to be filled with dust and other debris over time.

However, these particles will spread to other parts of your heating equipment, including the vents. When that happens, you need reliable heater maintenance in Lakewood Ranch, FL from a qualified company like AirNow!

Your Electric Bills Have Suddenly Increased. 

Is your electric bill above normal even if you have not changed your usage? When was the last time you had your furnace checked? If you cannot remember, there’s nothing to feel bad about. Our technicians will examine your heater right away to avoid any further damage.

Your Unit Creates Strange Noises. 

It’s not uncommon for your furnace to create a sound when you turn it on. But if the noise is too loud or unusual, let the HVAC specialists at AirNow take a look for your safety and peace of mind.

Why Is Regular Heating Maintenance a Must? 

A heating system is a big investment, and you should do everything to protect it. One way of doing that is to keep it well-maintained through regular check-ups or heater maintenance in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

Below are the other reasons why furnace tune-ups are essential:

  • Avoid costly repairs in the future
  • It prolongs the life of your equipment.
  • It helps ensure your safety and the safety of your family.
  • You can enjoy healthier indoor air quality
  • You can expect significant energy savings.

Get Your Heating System Back into Shape with AirNow! 

There is nothing more challenging than dealing with a broken furnace when the cold weather is in full blast. AirNow is always ready to lend you a hand.

Dial (941) 216-2028 today for a consultation and an appointment!

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