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Reliable duct work repair and installation for homeowners in Sarasota.

They say a home’s plumbing is only as good as its pipes. The same holds true with an HVAC system and its ducts. Holes and cracks in your ductwork mean air can get lost and your air conditioning unit, for example, has to work that much harder to cool your home. On top of that, dust, spores and other debris can now enter the ductwork and circulate throughout your home.

The professionals at Air Now can perform air duct repair and air duct replacement services to ensure your HVAC system is running smoothly and isn’t impacting the air quality in your Sarasota, FL home. Don’t let flaws in your ductwork result in higher energy costs or have adverse effects on your family’s health.

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Checking the Functionality of Your Air Ducts

The key factor in how efficient your HVAC system operates is the quality of the ductwork. Some air ducts are installed incorrectly or with subpar materials in order to cut corners. This affects all heating and cooling systems, causing them to perform inefficiently. An easy way to check the functionality of your ducts is to turn the system’s fan on and check the airflow from each vent in the house. A huge difference from room to room indicates a problem with the ducts, resulting in higher energy bills and a big discrepancy in the temperature between each room.

Signs You Need Air Duct Repair

Your air ducts serve the important function of circulating air throughout your home. Not only are they responsible for delivering air into your home, but they also make sure the air in your home is clean. The air coming through your ducts is the air that you breathe so you want to make sure your air ducts are always in top shape. Since your ducts are out of sight, it is easy to forget that your ducts need repair and maintenance just like all of the other components of your HVAC system.

There are many reasons you may need to have your ducts repaired or replaced. First, consider how much harder your AC has to work to cool your home if there are leaks, holes, or collapsed vents in your ductwork. This means that you will be spending more money to cool your home.

Secondly, it may have been a while since your ducts were installed and some portions may be beyond repair. When this happens, a professional will be able to install new portions of ductwork to boost the efficiency and performance of your AC system. If the temperature and airflow in your home are inconsistent, it could mean that your ducts were not properly installed in the first place. Your ductwork could also just be too old to handle your cooling demands. If you suspect this could be a problem in your home, call us!

Make Sure You Have the Right Ducts

If you’re thinking about upgrading your HVAC system, consider replacing the ductwork in your home as well. The old ducts might not be adequate in conjunction with the modern system. It’s best to hire a professional to assess your home’s ductwork and determine whether or not it should be replaced or retrofitted.

Air Duct Services You Can Trust

Conducting professional, duct services at an affordable price, while being as safe for the environment as possible, is the essence of Air Now's business model. We always make sure to be upfront and honest with all of our customers. The bond we have with the homeowners in and around Sarasota since 1946, is one of our greatest treasures.

We will always be ready if and when you require our services. We achieve this by being ur local HVAC company that's available 24/7, 365 days out of the year. We offer this and are capable of enlisting same day services so that whenever you need us, there is no reason to hesitate, pick up that phone and give us a ring!

After fixing those ducts, consider our UV air sanitizers to ensure the air going through them is as clean as can be.

Sarasota, FL residents trust us to be their air duct company. Make sure your system is operating at peak efficiency. Schedule an appointment by picking up the phone and calling (941) 739-1511 for great service at a fair price.