Sarasota Dehumidifier Services

Dependable dehumidifier service for homeowners in Sarasota.

An inexpensive yet effective way to improve the indoor air quality in your Sarasota, FL home is by investing in a dehumidifier. On top of making the air easier to breathe, they can bring you some added comfort during humid days.

The experts at Air Now can help you experience the benefits of these devices by providing dehumidifier installation and keep your unit running for years to come with our dehumidifier repair service. Our goal is to help you solve your indoor air quality issues and make sure you feel relaxed in your own home.

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Sarasota Dehumidifier Installation and Repair Services

Signs Your Home Requires a Dehumidifier

Air conditioning units can be effective at removing humidity in the air, but sometimes they’re not enough. To ensure the air in your home stays nice and dry, only a dehumidifier can get the job done. Here are some indicators that you could use one in your home:

  • Mold or mildew begins to grow indoors
  • Water stains appear on your ceiling or walls
  • Anyone with allergies suffers attacks while inside
  • Condensation begins to form on windows
  • The air feels stuffy and it’s difficult to breathe
  • Hands feel clammy while staying inside your home

If you spot any of the signs or experience any of the symptoms above, consider getting a dehumidifier as the answer to your problems.

What Is a Dehumidifier and What Are the Benefits?

A dehumidifier is a machine that functions much like a vacuum cleaner to suck moisture from the air in your home. Dehumidifiers can also work by cooling the air in your home in order to reduce moisture. This could be especially important if you are constantly noticing that your home is humid or moisture is building up on your walls or windows. Moisture in your home could lead to strange odors, bad air quality, and worst of all, mold growth! Here are some benefits of installing a unit in your home:

  • Reduce Allergens: Allergens like pollen, dust, and mold all thrive in moist environments. By using a dehumidifier, you’re denying these allergens a home by keeping your air cool and dry.
  • Save on Energy Costs: A dehumidifier helps your AC to work more efficiently because your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool.
  • Reduce Moisture Levels: Moisture issues can cause structural problems and risk mold growth. By dampening your walls and flooring, moisture can weaken the integrity of your home. Dehumidifiers are a great way to reduce the presence of moisture in your home.

On the other hand, having a home that is too dry can also become a problem in the long run. The great thing about dehumidifiers is that you don’t have to think about what the correct humidity levels are for your home - your system will do it all for you!

Whole-House Dehumidifiers vs. Single-Room

There are two types of units: systems that control the humidity levels throughout your home and small one-room models. Whole-house dehumidifiers are much more powerful and effective than using single units. They’re also more energy-efficient than if you placed several one-room units throughout your entire home. The repair costs associated with whole-house systems are also kept to a minimum since they operate automatically and don’t require much maintenance.

Dehumidifier Installation Service You Can Trust

The trust we at Air Now have developed with our customers around the Sarasota area from all the way back to 1946 is one of the accomplishments we take great pride in.
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On top of providing our customers with responsive same-day service, you can expect us to be available 24 hours of the day, every day of the year. If you need dehumidifier services, make sure to connect with us.

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Homeowners in Sarasota, FL count on us for dehumidifier installation and repair services. Make sure you and your family are comfortable and breathing easy by calling (941) 739-1511 for reliable service at an affordable price.